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Hot off the press is a digital painting from a photograph I have been working on. A few moons back we had a mad idea to take a ten mile walk along the canal to Bath. The jury is still out on who was the daftest- my hub for suggesting it, or myself for agreeing. I have never been so pleased to sit on public transport for the journey home though, I can tell you. About four miles in to the epic trek I found this little fellow diligently watching over his owner’s floating abode, and could not resist snapping a few frames of him gracefully enjoying his duties. Pets are big business on the canals- we often see cats and dogs roaming the running boards and gang planks nonchalantly, happily minding their own business. The other photograph of a pet I managed to take was of a gargantuan black cat curled up in a chair with one green eye open. However, upon viewing the images at home later I realised it was reclining on an equally black chair and had actually shut its eye as I took the photo. I could have taken a picture of a lump of coal, inside a coal cellar, inside a coal mine, inside a black hole and the image would not have looked any different. Hardly an exciting and detailed shot of animal life upon the canals, eh? Luckily this picture more than makes a statement I feel. I hope you enjoy …..


a study of animal life on the canals

a study of animal life on the canals

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