Do do do do dodeedo doo…….


I am not sure that title will mean anything but to those that drink whiskey or watch the adverts on television, but I am betting those that do know what it means read that and actually sang it to themselves!

I was recently asked to paint a window panel with a grouse on for a commission and this is the result. I do enjoy the glass painting side of my art as the colours are so vibrant and packed full of punch and depth. I tried not to use any white in this picture as it dulls the translucent nature of the glass paint, and you cannot see through the ‘shade’ colours. A crying shame if it is a window, in my opinion! The richness and tone therefore may not be everyone’s cup of tea if you prefer subtlety but I think he is a fine, shiny, colourful and dandy fellow,  worthy of a snifter on the rocks….

Hope you enjoy 🙂 Serena

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