A New Chapter…

serenarts gallery new colours

Things are moving on quite nicely in our new Unit 1 home. The new exterior colour is going on and the rewiring, plumbing and maintenance jobs are all coming along well. No fixed date yet for our grand opening, but we will keep you posted!

serenarts gallery back to basics

This is the space we are going to be building into our beautiful new gallery / workshop and we can’t wait for everyone to see it. Very exciting indeed!

More photos and updates to follow…

Gallery Visitor

This handsome fella hopped into the gallery yesterday… chirping quite happily. He then jumped over and sat on Serena’s latest kingfisher painting in the window. More chirping… then he decided he would make his way back to the garden… via the window! Absolute chaos ensued as paintings, jewellery and the rest of window display was strewn around until I was able to open the window and out he went… happy and unhurt. He did leave a few little deposits in the window but no harm done! I guess this is what happens when you regularly feed the birds in the garden.

SerenArts is Moving…

We are very excited to announce that after 14 years at the Tithebarn Workshops, we are moving. Don’t worry, you won’t need a sat nav to find us… we’re going to Unit 1, which is just 2 doors down from where we are now! Current occupant, Andre will be retiring at the beginning of May and we are moving in on Wednesday 10th May.

It will give us the additional space to expand Serena’s artwork and gallery area, as well as our printing and shop areas. Serena will also have the space to offer a range of painting courses, so watch out for more information about that in the coming months.

We have been wanting to take the next step in our growing business and the new unit will give us the ideal opportunity to expand and offer more to the local community and visitors to the Workshops. Thank you to all our customers for their support and we look forward to many more happy years at the Tithebarn Workshops in Unit 1.

SerenArts Update…

It’s been a while since we last posted as things have been a little hectic for this time of year! The Bath Art Fair was a great success and very inspirational. Serena sold a number of works over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being amongst all the other creative people that exhibited and attended. We will definitely be attending again next year and a huge thank you to Alce for a wonderful event.

Since the Fair we have made alterations to Serena’s website and added all the new work she has created. She is now busy again producing wonderful pieces like this little kingfisher who will shortly be having gold leaf added… you can see the final results when they appear on Serena’s Instagram

Bath Art Fair 2023

Serena has been busy painting away in preparation for the upcoming Bath Art Fair at The Pavilion in Bath. The event will take place on the weekend of 25th and 26th February 2023. More information and tickets are available from the Art Fair website. Or you can follow the build up @bathartfair

Like the Bath and West Show last year, Serena will be exhibiting along side our friend and fellow artist Steve Hall. This association began many years back and has continued right through to today, with both artists now having galleries in Bradford on Avon.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about Serena or Steve’s work and we hope to see you at The Pavilion next month.

Happy Anniversary

serenarts gallery 14th anniversary

Here we are… still going strong after 14 years at the Tithebarn Workshops. We’ve seen some coming and some goings… some good times and some not so good, but we wouldn’t swap this for anything!

We just want to say a very big thank you to all those customers, family and friends that have supported us during our time here and look forward to another great year in 2023.

Happy New Year to you all and see you soon.