Art Commissions

Serena specialises in expressive portraits, landscapes, seascapes, townscapes and reproductions in bold, beautiful strokes, colourful mark-making and textural knifework. Always striving to capture the distinct features of her subject. To see a full range of her work please visit Serena’s website.

The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice – After Canaletto

Serena’s commissions vary from fine art reproductions to bespoke, creative portraiture and scenes.  However, the underlying themes will always be the striking use of colour and composition.

She is always looking for new techniques and ways to create unique projects and ensure her clients get the special painting they were after. Whether it is a fine art reproduction of an old master or an innovative pose of your loved ones, beautifully recreated in oil on linen canvas, I am sure that together we will be able to capture what you are after.

Here Come the Girls

There are some things that you should ask yourself when choosing whether to commission Serena, or any artist:-

1.  Do I like the style they paint in?

2.  Would that style suit my project?

3.  Are they able to do what I want?

It is important to address these criteria before committing to commissioning the artist to create the final piece.  If you can answer them all positively then you may just have found the right person to work with.

When it comes to questions one and two, you will find that Serena is able to produce work in a wide variety of styles and media.  So it is likely that we can agree on a look to suit your project.  In fact, when she has done exhibitions in the past people often ask who the other artists are that are exhibiting!  She always enjoys pushing herself outside her comfort zone of sticking to one media or style.

Daniel Sings the Blues II

If you would like more information about Serena’s work or just a chat about what you are looking for, why not come down to our delightful studio at the tranquil Tithebarn Workshops and discuss your ideas with her over a cuppa?

A recent project which she very much enjoyed working on was to paint Aber Falls in Gwynedd, North Wales.  The work was to go on an outside wall and was to cover an old doorway measuring 36” x 60”.  As the weather can be a little inclement up there we had to come up with a way to make it weather proof.

The answer was to paint it in oil on board measuring 12” x 20” and then, when completed, scan at a high resolution and print it on aluminium dibond.  The results were absolutely stunning and the client had not just a very effective trompe l’oeil style piece outside, but also the original oil painting to hang inside.

Aber Falls / Rhaeadr Fawr

For more information and to view a bigger collection of Serena’s work why not visit her website:

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