Pretty peony….


My husband and I have been running an unspoken marital competition to see who can grow the best peony. Sad but true. A quick peruse round the garden centre lead to my husband picking a peony tree, as that sounded more macho and a veritable powerhouse of nature, whilst I plumped for a good old faithful bush style one. I would like to say I chose mine for it’s stamina, and horticultural standing in the green fingered world, but I know not of these things and just went with the girliest, rainbow glitter and sprinkles sounding flower possible. My Pink Sherbet peony now stands abundant with flowers so heavy the plant is bowed and groaning under the weight. What of the mighty tree peony? Not even a bud has formed to justify it’s existence. So here pictured is an altered art image of my smug peony in all its glory!

I would like to add though that possibly I may have tipped the odds in my favour on winning as I planted my hubby’s tree next to a rather voracious lavender bush. I do feel a twinge of guilt every time I hear him say ”Pfft! Mine is in the shade!” but all is fair in peony wars I say…..

Hope you enjoy the image 🙂


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