Photographic Art Commissions


Serena is offering a bespoke commission service in which she will produce an original artwork of your house, car or pet utilising her photographic art techniques.

Working from your original photograph, the piece will be created in a style to suit your individual requirements.

Once the final work has been approved it can be reproduced as either a mounted print or a canvas in a range of sizes depending on your budget or wall space.

We have recently put the piece below on an 18″ x 14″ canvas for a customer who wanted her lovely little scotty on a narrowboat picture.  She brought in a photo of her pet and Serena used that and one of her original photos of a narrowboat to create the artwork…


We can also offer this service to businesses, restaurants etc, who would like to theme or personalise their decor.  If this is something that would interest you then please get in touch.  We can even arrange to supply you with the artwork free of charge in exchange for you making it available to purchase by your customers.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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