a serene view of bradford on avon by serena pugh

A Serene View of Bradford on Avon

This beautiful book is now available to purchase by using the links below…

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The book contains a collection of photographic artworks of Bradford on Avon together with poems, prose and observations by Serena.

“Bradford on Avon is more than just a home or business for me. I have been the very worst, and best version of myself here. I have met with the most uplifting of highs in life here, and suffered through the hardest tragedies here too. I feel an affinity and deep affection for this town, like no other I have lived in. That doesn’t stop me poking loving fun at it though. This may not be as traditional as most but no-one can fault my dedication to this sprawling jewel. Please enjoy my personal view”.

A Serene View of Poetry

We now have available Serena’s latest book ‘A Serene View of Poetry’. You can purchase the A5 paperback copy using the link below, or alternatively the ebook is available from Amazon.

a serene view of poetry cover

A Serene View of Poetry features a collection of original paintings in a range of different media by local artist Serena Pugh, along with a selection of complementary poems and haiku.

A Serene View of Poetry

A collection of original artwork and poetry



Here is just a small selection of the comments we have had from people who have bought the book…

“There is a quality that just keeps your eye riveted to the page, seeking more. Even though I really don’t know Bradford-On-Avon well, I now feel that I have a deeper sense of the town both ancient and how it flows with the river. This seems to me to be a labour of love, and could it be the opening for many more town/village books from around the British Isles?!! Congratulations to you both, I love it. I will be showing it to many friends!
Good luck with all your future work.” – June

“I have just sat and read your masterpiece from cover to cover. It was an emotional experience from the start. From the lobby dog on the canal footpath, and poor Thomas (I thought I might have had to join olde widow Forde in Soggy bottom at one stage).
It was a wonderfully historic lesson and I reached the highs and lows emotionally, I could not put it down. I kept reading bits out to Frank and he is waiting for me to let go of the book so he can read it. I cried at the end of the book (you know where I mean).
Congratulations to you both, it must be a serious success. We wish you all the luck in the world.” – Sally

“Absolutely beautiful.  I spent a long time studying all the pictures and info.  Your humour still remains but how clever you are. Such an achievement.” – Mike

“I just wanted to say that I took Serena’s book home last night to have a look through it and wow, it is fantastic! Of course I expected it to be really good(!), but it way exceeded my expectations. Serena is very talented in her writing, as well as her artwork (which I had seen previously). Please can you pass on my congratulations to Serena for producing such an excellent book and let her know that I really enjoyed reading it.” – Mandy

“I loved your book Serena, you are a true artist. Great imagination, unafraid to grow and find new ways. The book is imaginative, witty, fun, informative and I hope sells well and you will still be inventing another. I haven’t searched for the flower in each page, but I look forward to doing so. Thanks so much. You make a great team. Beautifully edited.” – Amanda