More 3D Artwork

Serena has started another two pieces of her 3D artwork and here is the first…

serena pugh 3D art

Painted with oil on board… see if you can guess what the subject will be?!

The other work is a few layers further on and a bit more obvious what the subject is…

serena pugh 3D art

They are both yet to have their air dry clay additions added so we’ll keep you posted as they progress.

We are already getting some very favourable comments from customers in the gallery and it certainly gets people talking when they see Serena working on them. The completed pieces will be making it to the walls soon.

Latest Artwork

As you’ll have seen from previous posts, Serena has been working on a number of 3 dimensional artworks using oil paints and air dry clay. Here are the latest two that are currently drying ready for more layers to be added…

serena pugh artists in bradford on avon

The poppy at the top is almost complete whereas the dragonfly has yet to appear on his beautiful background.

We’ll post more images very soon.

En plein air

serenarts gallery painting en plein air

Let’s just hope that this fabulous weather continues for a bit longer. Serena was able to sit outside yesterday to work on her latest painting, which will be available to view and purchase in the near future.

The more eagle eyed amongst you might be able to spot her much beloved Southampton FC mug… we can only hope that we have a little more success than poor old Saints this year!


toucan by serena pugh - serenarts gallery

New Year… new art form… Serena is working on a series of 3D mixed media artworks and here is the first one, hot off the press.

He’s a dinky little fellow, and comes with the stand.

Serena aims to progress in size as she learns the weights canvases can support – clay sculpting can be heavy, so these things have to be worked out properly. Who knew art could be so technical?!

More to follow soon…

Bradford on Avon on canvas

We would like to show you a sneak preview of two new photographic art canvases that will be appearing on the walls of SerenArts Gallery very shortly…

Abbey Mill Reflections

abbey mill reflections by serena pugh

Canvas size: 24″ x 30″
Giclee printed on high quality canvas and depicting the iconic Abbey Mill reflected on the river.

Bradford on Avon Panorama

bradford on avon panorama by serena pugh

Canvas size: 24″ x 6″
Giclee printed on high quality canvas and depicting the River Avon towards the town bridge with Westbury Gardens on the right.

Serena’s photographic artwork gives an atmospheric view of our town and has proved very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Why not pop down to the Tithebarn Workshops and take a look at her latest work.

A Serene View of Bradford on Avon

Serena’s book ‘A Serene View of Bradford on Avon’ would make the perfect Christmas present and at just £25 including a free 2019 calendar, you can get two gifts in one.
Below is just a small selection of the artwork you will find in this beautiful publication…

To obtain your copy you can…
~ Call into SerenArts Gallery at the Tithebarn Workshops
~ Telephone us on 01225 868644
~ Visit our website
~ Purchase on Amazon

Here is what people are saying about the book on Amazon…

2 October 2018

Wonderful prose and illustrations. For those who live in or near BOA this publication is a must have. Humour and pathos are part of this authors creative talents. Well worth the price for its design and compilation alone. Ideal present for anyone who lives in BOA.

Festive Glass Art

Serena has just finished her first pieces of Christmas glass art lamps and lanterns…

We all have that special Christmas decoration that we remember from our childhood… mine was a small tree with coloured, flower shaped lights and very dodgy wiring (now retired from service on health and safety grounds!).  Why not nip down to the Tithebarn Workshops and get one that your kids will remember in the years to come.