Morning Canoing

Finally the river level is down sufficiently for me to get back out in the canoe in the mornings before work.  Absolutely beautiful down there this morning…

Shady spot on the River Avon, Bradford on Avon

Shady spot on the River

The Packhorse Bridge, Barton Farm Country Park, Bradford on Avon

Through the arch

Much like my battle with the squirrel in the garden here, I have an ongoing confrontation with the kingfishers on the Avon.  Impossible to paddle and photograph at the same time.  As a result this is as close as I got this morning…

Attempted photo of a kingfisher on the River Avon

Another one gets away

Just about made it to the Weir at Avoncliff and it was worth it.  Very calm out there and no workmen on the Old Mill site when I got there…

Weeping Willow next to the weir at Avoncliff

Ripples over the Weir

The last one I managed to take whilst propped against an uprooted tree that had got caught on the top of the weir.  Just as well, as I could have ended up heading down towards Bath!  I wonder how much they’re going to be charging for these once they’ve been finished?!  Any suggestions as to what they’re going to do about the big, rusty corrugated iron block on the side?…

The Old North Mill at Avoncliff during restoration

Balancing on the weir





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