Bird Spotting

Well… following my unsuccessful run of photos of birds here’s another one…


New Visitor

I believe this to be a Nuthatch, but I’m willing to be corrected if anyone out there knows better.  The little fella was tucking in this morning, making the most of the food before the squirrel arrives I guess!  Although there may be some news on that front… we have a resident fox that comes down of an evening and this morning Terry noticed some grey fur in the usual deposit that he leaves in the garden… maybe, just maybe, he had a little squirrel snack last night!  Secretly, I hope not otherwise how would I spend my days?!

Art & Football

Well here we have two of the loves of my life being combined into one.  This amazing sculpture has been erected outside the Pompidou Art Centre in Paris and celebrates the infamous headbutt of former France forward Zinedine Zidane on Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final… only the French!!

Zinedine Zidane's infamous headbutt on Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final

Have it!

Although it was a disgraceful action on the Frenchmans part, it does make a rather impressive bronze don’t you think?!

Morning Canoing

Finally the river level is down sufficiently for me to get back out in the canoe in the mornings before work.  Absolutely beautiful down there this morning…

Shady spot on the River Avon, Bradford on Avon

Shady spot on the River

The Packhorse Bridge, Barton Farm Country Park, Bradford on Avon

Through the arch

Much like my battle with the squirrel in the garden here, I have an ongoing confrontation with the kingfishers on the Avon.  Impossible to paddle and photograph at the same time.  As a result this is as close as I got this morning…

Attempted photo of a kingfisher on the River Avon

Another one gets away

Just about made it to the Weir at Avoncliff and it was worth it.  Very calm out there and no workmen on the Old Mill site when I got there…

Weeping Willow next to the weir at Avoncliff

Ripples over the Weir

The last one I managed to take whilst propped against an uprooted tree that had got caught on the top of the weir.  Just as well, as I could have ended up heading down towards Bath!  I wonder how much they’re going to be charging for these once they’ve been finished?!  Any suggestions as to what they’re going to do about the big, rusty corrugated iron block on the side?…

The Old North Mill at Avoncliff during restoration

Balancing on the weir





Birthday Off

Normally, when we get a Monday (our day off) that has nice weather, we usually come into the gallery…. not yesterday though…. weather was great and Serena had a birthday!

The morning was spent at the beautiful Stourhead Gardens, a National Trust house and gardens down near Mere off the A303.  Absolutely stunning place…

Stourhead Gardens, The National Trust property

Stourhead Gardens

(guess who used his sweep app again!)  It really doesn’t do this lovely place justice I’m afraid, but we would definitely recommend it anyone.

The afternoon was over to Bath for a boat trip on the Avon.  Made a change from canoeing up it myself!  Very interesting commentary and plenty to see.

Bit of a touristy day really, but Serena did manage to get lots of photos, so watch this space for some good pictures!


Guess who’s just downloaded another free app for his phone?!

Not bad actually… it’s a panoramic stitching one.  Not as good as the sweep cameras, but pretty good for a phone.  Despite the big black cloud in the sky, the weather is beautiful today and we’re all hoping this is the beginning of the summer season!

Panorama of the Tithebarn Workshops

Panorama of the Tithebarn Workshops

More Introductions

Just a quick post today to give you a couple more images of the Tithebarn Workshops Team.

Terry and his good lady Mel (yes Tel & Mel’s Tearoom!) run the tearoom next door to us down here. The image below is of Terry and his Pops, Pete, who does regular shifts down here when the weathers good and the punters are rolling in…

Terry & Pete

Terry & Pete

One of the other main men down here is Doug, one half of Revival, a treasure trove of beautiful antiques and the fount of all knowledge when it comes to old things! Here he is outside his unit with the smiling assassin, Jasper!  Don’t be fooled by those cute looks, he’s very much his own man!!…

Doug & Jasper

Doug & Jasper

We’ll have more introductions soon including all the canine members!  If I’ve forgotten to tell you about anyone, please let me know and I can give you the gossip!