Serena posting….

please don’t all step back in confusion. Yes it HAS been a long time since I lasted posted on my own website and I do feel a little chagrined at my poor hubby having to hold the reins- but he does it so well. I am also sure he enjoys it really too. The weary cries to me of ” but I haven’t got anything to write about- it is your turn!’ are just for show, surely?

In truth I finally have something worthwhile to contribute (well, in my mind’s eye anyway.) Painting has been taking more of a back seat and I am gradually learning more on the image manipulation front, in regard to formulating a book of my photographic work, tied in with my art, and held loosely together with my rambling style of wordsmithery. Is that a real word? It is now it’s in black and white on the internet. Everything we read on t’internet is true… coughs. I am at times a lazy person so the book will be about this fine old town we live in, and how far my feet are willing to walk in it. For really lazy days Mr Canon has invented a wonderfully powerful zoom lens. What can go wrong?

Here is a recent image I have been working on of the Lock up on the bridge in Bradford on Avon. I hope you enjoy…


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