2013 Calendars

Things have been pretty quiet over the last couple of weeks here at the Gallery.  Not great, but it has at least given us the opportunity to put a couple of 2103 Calendars together to sell in the shop…

Bradford on Avon 2013 Calendar

Bradford on Avon 2013 Calendar

2013 Flower Calendar by Serena Pugh

2013 Flower Calendar

You can order either or both of these calendars by contacting us with your details and we will post them to you in time for a great Christmas gift.  That was a pretty good bit of sales patter I thought!

We are in the process now of putting some Xmas lights and bits up and making things a bit more Christmasie ready for the Yuletide rush.  I’ll post some pictures shortly and give you a change to see our range of Christmas cards and decorations.


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