Where’s Noah?!


Well… we’ve battened down the hatches and tied up the canoes as this wonderful weather hits very hard.  Only a few hardened customers have made their way through the puddles and flying leaves, so we’ve got a bit of time to update the Blog.

A thin turn out down here today as you might expect and no outside teas being offered (no inside ones either, for that matter!).  I’ve done my good deeds for the day… 1. Taught a client how to use Dreamweaver to update their own website rather than me having to do it for them… we’ll see how long that lasts!  2. Repaired a necklace we sold to a lady over 2 years ago, free of charge!

A quick update on the bird feeding front!  We have had a very determined squirrel trashing everything recently.  He pulls everything up on to the branch and eats the lot.  He’s broken two ceramic feeders, so we’ve now got an industrial sized wooden fortress style one.  So, he’s now taken to winding us up by taking the whole coconut away with him.  Yesterday the new feeder was used by the usual crowd and a woodpecker (not time to get the camera unfortunately).  More to come on the running battles soon.!

Big load of new jewellery came in today, so Serena is on her way down to organise it and me!

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