Dog Sitting!

serenarts gallery dog sitting

This is Bailey!

The idea was that our son and his fianc√© went away on their holidays for a week while we baby sit our furry grandchild!! We thought (rather naively) that we would have Bailey in the gallery with us during the day… what could go wrong?… he’s adorable! He’ll be a great selling gimmick, we thought!

Well, that plan lasted all of an hour before there had to be a rapid change of plan and Serena would paint at home with her ‘little helper’! Cute as he is, at 8 months old he was just a tad too boisterous for our little gallery space. Much happier at home…

serenarts gallery dog sitting

Things will be back to normal next week as Bailey heads back home. We will certainly miss the wee man!

Busy Morning at SerenArts Gallery

On my morning walk today I saw a mother swan and her six signets grazing on the grass behind the Tithebarn Workshops, so I quickly phoned Serena to go and have a look. The next thing I know I get a rather panicked phone call from her saying they were following her back into the garden of the Workshops! I think word might have got around in the bird world that Serena feeds them every morning!

serenarts gallery morning visitors

We now have the family all fed and watered and fast asleep outside the gallery! So please try and keep the noise down if you’re coming the Tithebarn Workshops today!! We don’t want to wake the kids!

Bradford on Avon Walking Festival

On my morning walk today I came across the Bradford on Avon Walking Festival getting their stall set up in Westbury Gardens…

serenarts gallery _ bradford on avon walking festival

What a lovely weekend to have a wander around Bradford and the surrounding area. I went to their website and discovered that all their organised walks appear to be fully booked… which is encouraging. You can still spend a lovely day walking around the area though, including the beautiful Tithe Barn and Barton Farm Country Park area. You can also pop in to the Workshops to have a look at what we have to offer down here.

Breakfast on the Kennet & Avon

Great excitement on my morning walk today…

I must apologise for the very poor quality filming… but you get the idea! This beauty had strayed down from the woods right to the far bank of the canal and was happily munching away having breakfast, before I disturbed him! I’ve been walking along here for many years and never seen one this close before.

I know this blog is to promote SerenArts Gallery and the Tithebarn Workshops, but I couldn’t help myself!

Summer Lovin!

serenarts gallery - nightfilx in victory field

Well, that was a bit of fun! Victory Field played host to the Nightflix Cinema and its pop up gin tent for the weekend. Being so close, at the Tithebarn Workshops, were were treated to such classics as Grease, Dirty Dancing and the Greatest Showman… amongst others. Plenty of singing along! Someone up on the canal towpath was clearly loving it as well…

serenarts gallery - love on the tow path

This heart was just above Hens Orchard.

New Jewellery Stock

We have just placed an order for a whole new range of jewellery pieces to go alongside our successful collection of fashion jewellery… However, as yet, there are no pictures of it I’m afraid…

As soon as we get the images in I’ll be sharing them with you and we should get the new stock in the gallery by the middle of next week. There really are some lovely pieces to look forward to.

Clean up Bradford on Avon – CluB

serenarts gallery club boa

They’ve been at it again!

It is so nice to see the results of all the hard work the Clean up Bradford on Avon – CluB do in our town… thank you.

serenarts gallery tithebarn workshops

CluB is a volunteer group which tidies up Bradford on Avon. They meet weekly on Monday mornings at various locations around the town, posting the details on their Facebook page in advance.

We’re Here…

Well, that was a disappointing start to the day. We got up extra early and came down to the gallery expecting a full on bun fight for parking spaces and…

serenarts gallery victory field car boot sale

The car boot sale planned for Victory Field has been called off. You are all still more than welcome to come down to Barton Farm to visit the Tithebarn Workshops, but please don’t bring a boot full of your loft stuff!

There is going to be quite a busy time over the weekends down here, so why not pop the following dates in your diary:

Sunday 27th June – Car Boot Sale
Sunday 4th July – Car Boot Sale
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July РBradford on Avon Food Festival 
Sunday 25th July – Car Boot Sale
Sunday 1st Aug – Car Boot Sale
Sunday 8th Aug – Car Boot Sale

More information about the the upcoming events is available on the Explore BOA website.

serenarts gallery tithebarn workshops

SerenArts Gallery Facebook

serenarts gallery facebook

To all the people who follow SerenArts Gallery on social media I would like to apologise for any unwanted invites and promotional stuff you may have received today. You will probably be aware that I always use our Blog to communicate via the various platforms, as they are all linked to this. I am ashamed to admit that I went on to our Facebook page and started prodding buttons I had no business touching!!! Promise not to tinker again!