Not for Squirrels

I knew today was going to be a bad day when I woke up to the news that Harry Redknapp had been sacked as Spurs manager! I’ve downloaded my application and will send it off to White Hart Lane shortly!
Anyway, my ongoing battle with squirrel has reached new frustrating heights today. I came down to the gallery to find he had carted off another whole, stuffed coconut and when I put fresh seed out on the bird table, this is what I get….

I will defeat him!!

On a better note, I am now well into the latest book artwork job, this one for water-colour artist, Winston Oh.  A love looking through all the work trying to take my mind off how tedious the actual designing job can be!  Winston has a great eye and, as you can see from his work, is very well travelled.  I will keep you up to date with how his book is coming on.

Things at the gallery are a little quiet due to this rather unseasonably inclement weather!  Hopefully we’ll see some decent sunshine in the coming week.  It does give me time to hatch a plan to foil squirrel though!

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