‘Lock Up’ – Photographic Artwork

Sorry it’s been so long since we last posted… no excuses!

We thought we better start off with the latest canvas to be added to SerenArts Gallery


‘Lock Up’

This striking photographic artwork by Serena has been giclee printed on a canvas measuring 30″ x 40″ and depicts an abstract view of the lock up on the Town Bridge in Bradford.  Serena has been concentrating on this style of graphic work over the last few months and it is proving extremely popular in the gallery.

If you would like more information about her work please contact us at any time, or why not pop down to the Tithebarn Workshops for a first hand view?

Website Design…

Just a quick update today….

As part of our work at SerenArts Gallery we are responsible for the upkeep of the Tithebarn Workshops website (as well as all the other units who have an online presence).  We are converting all the sites to responsive designs at present, so they are compatible with all devices.  To that end we have now put a brand new Gallery page for images of the Workshops and Gardens…

responsive website design by serenarts gallery

Gallery Page

If you would like more information about our Website Design Services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

To visit the Tithebarn Workshops and view the new gallery simply click on the image above or use the following link…  Tithebarn Workshops Gallery


A customer of Alans (Stained Glass Studio) brought this stained glass window hanging in the other day and asked him if he could restore the colours.  It wasn’t worth much but she had had it for over 20 years and it did have a lot of sentimental value.  He couldn’t do anything, but he knew someone who could!… Serena.  After a couple of hours of working her magic the glass was back to its colourful best and we had one happy client….

Glass Art Repair

Glass Art Repair


This is more like it…

Well, surely now this is the start of the season!
8.30 in the morning… sitting at our outside table with a cup of coffee… Writing this blog and enjoying unbroken sunshine.
What would make this glorious picture complete?… Well, customers would be good!

workshops bradford on avon tithebarn workshops bradford on avon 1


Just a quick update on Serena’s exhibition at the West Barn on 25th-27th May… There’s only 2 more days of oil painting to go and then she’ll be on to the watercolours. 30 days to go today!  If you would like an invitation to the private viewing on 24th, just drop us a line via our website.

Home is Where the Heart Is

A new entry to our large canvas range has hit the walls of the gallery this week…

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is

The canvas measures 40″ x 30″ and is on the deep edge gallery stretcher bars (1.5″ deep), so it stands out from the wall giving an amazing three dimensional quality to the picture.

You can also have your images printed like this… simply visit our website for more information.

Art for the Masses

I was reading in various papers today and on the BBC’s website about a project starting up in Leeds in the coming weeks.  The new Trinity Shopping Centre will be home to a number of vending machines which will contain 150 miniature works of art commissioned by 30 artists.  The idea is that you put your £1 in and out comes a random, bona fide work of art, encased in the same little plastic ball that you get on seafront arcades across the country!… Brilliant!

art from a vending machine

£1 a go!

Sunny Side Up

Glass art table hand painted by Serena Pugh

Glass Art Table

Glass art table hand painted by Serena Pugh

Sunny Side Up

Here is the latest Glass Art Table from SerenArts Gallery.  Serena has painted this one using a combination of glass paints including a sparkly one that really looks amazing in the sun.  So all we need now is some sunshine!

You can get more information and place an order for Serena’s tables on her website at www.serenarts.com



Birds Do It… Bees Do It…

When I first saw the title of this article in the ARTnews magazine online, I thought it was going to be featuring some beautiful works depicting members of the animal kingdom.  I was wrong!… Here is just part of it…

Last year London’s Grant Museum of Zoology staged what organizers thought was the first inter-species show of paintings by animals.

Baka, a Sumatran Orangutan who resides at Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, showed impastoed, calligraphic slashes in the manner of Kline. Samantha, a Western lowland Gorilla who lived at the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania, had an allover composition of candy-colored strokes evoking late de Kooning. Boon Mee, an elephant in Thailand’s Samutprakarn Zoo, took a more figurative path, with an astounding rendering of a flower pot.

That such primate and elephant art hews so closely to Western art conventions reveals more about our expectations than their talents. Boon Mee, for example, was guided by a keeper who manipulated her ear like a joystick in order to steer her trunk. The result may still be impressive, but it hardly reflects the creature’s natural tendencies—or the latest science.

The perception of animals as art-makers has come a long way since the late ’50s, when Desmond Morris put Congo the painting chimp on British TV, and in a famous show at London’s ICA.

Today animal artists are not viewed so much as novelties but as sophisticated creators with skills and senses that can enhance projects in ways humans never can. Anthropomorphism is out, and biological determinism is in.

It has become common for zoos and even aquariums to offer art supplies to a wide variety of species, part of efforts–known as Enrichment–to keep animals physically and mentally stimulated.

It certainly did give us a laugh, but I have to say, we much prefer Serena’s Pet Portraits.  People painting animals is more our bag than the other way round!…

(Thank you to the ARTnews for the excerpt from their online magazine)

iTeach Photoshop

As part of our business we are now offering Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Courses at our Tithebarn Workshops Gallery.

iTeach Photoshop offer tuition by the hour or if you prefer a full day, we can arrange a suitable time for you to visit us.

So if your computer is overloaded with photographs you’ve taken and not sure what to do with, come and learn how to use this amazing software. We also have the facilities to print your images for you on canvas or photographic papers.