Website Design…

Just a quick update today….

As part of our work at SerenArts Gallery we are responsible for the upkeep of the Tithebarn Workshops website (as well as all the other units who have an online presence).  We are converting all the sites to responsive designs at present, so they are compatible with all devices.  To that end we have now put a brand new Gallery page for images of the Workshops and Gardens…

responsive website design by serenarts gallery

Gallery Page

If you would like more information about our Website Design Services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

To visit the Tithebarn Workshops and view the new gallery simply click on the image above or use the following link…  Tithebarn Workshops Gallery

Book Completion

We have just put the finishing touches to another book design for a client.  It is Natal’s Little Doctor by John Cormac Seekings.

John is a local man to Bradford on Avon and has spent some time putting together this informative and fascinating book about Dr Sutherland, a senior colonial officer in Natal, South Africa.

Natal's Little Doctor

Natal’s Little Doctor

This will now be going to print in the next couple of months and you will be able to obtain a copy soon.  If you would like any further information about this publication, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Likewise, if you have any publishing / formatting work you would like us to look at, please get in touch.

iTeach Photoshop

As part of our business we are now offering Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Courses at our Tithebarn Workshops Gallery.

iTeach Photoshop offer tuition by the hour or if you prefer a full day, we can arrange a suitable time for you to visit us.

So if your computer is overloaded with photographs you’ve taken and not sure what to do with, come and learn how to use this amazing software. We also have the facilities to print your images for you on canvas or photographic papers.

We’re back…

For the last few months I have been doing a Blog for the Tithebarn Workshops as a whole, rather than just our SerenArts Gallery Blog.  Well… that is going to change and I will be Blogging for both.

I have missed letting you know the more personal SerenArts comings and goings, so to that end… we have just updated both our websites… for SerenArts Gallery and Serena’s artwork and photography for SerenArts Design & Printing Services

Both these websites are what are known as Responsive which means they are suited to viewing on all devices from Desktop PC’s to Tablets and Mobile Phones.

If anyone is interested in updating their website or getting started on the web, we can offer a very reasonable website design and hosting package.  Just contact us via our website for more information.




Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to everyone. Despite the glorious weather on New Years Day, we made an executive decision and had the day off…. sorry, the day taking photographs to put in the gallery! We’ll be posting some of the real ones that Serena has taken, but here is just a quick panorama taken on my iPhone of the view from Tory across Bradford on Avon….

Tory view

Tory View

Here’s to a prosperous and very happy 2013.

By the way, if there is anyone out there looking for someone who can print panoramic images from mobile devices, then look no further… just contact us for more information.

Keep Your Friends Close…

Now… I’m sorry, but I am going to have a bit of a whinge!

I, like many other Apple Mac disciples, was eagerly awaiting the launch of the new OS X Mountain Lion.  However, despite having only a four year old MacBook and a four year old Mac Pro Desktop (combined cost over £3000), I am only able to install Mountain Lion on to the MacBook and even that is only partially supported.  What on earth do Apple think they are doing releasing a system that makes any Mac computer older than 2 or 3 years completely unsupported by their latest operating system?

Personally I feel that you should look after your regular customers, as they are the ones who put you in the position you are in today, but Apple seem to be hell bent on following the latest Social Media sites and trends, rather than concentrating on their VERY loyal regulars.

I would never in a million years, try and tell Apple how to run their business, as they do rather well at that themselves, but I would just point out that many of their followers have been left angry and potentially out of pocket over this latest update.  How hard would it have been to make this system available for 32 bit as well as 64 bit?


Mountain Lion

That’s it… rant over!


Guess who’s just downloaded another free app for his phone?!

Not bad actually… it’s a panoramic stitching one.  Not as good as the sweep cameras, but pretty good for a phone.  Despite the big black cloud in the sky, the weather is beautiful today and we’re all hoping this is the beginning of the summer season!

Panorama of the Tithebarn Workshops

Panorama of the Tithebarn Workshops