It is too easy to forget sometimes what an absolutely beautiful area we live in.  Before opening the gallery this morning, I went for a walk along the river path to Avoncliff and was very glad I did…

Please excuse the quality of the images, but I only had my phone!

On returning to the gallery to set up there was just time for a coffee in the lovely garden and then welcome the first customers…. beats working for a living!

Photographic Artwork

Serena has been busy working on some new photographic art pieces recently.  Serene Swan is from a photograph of a swan taken recently on the River Avon and the Watchful Kingfisher is from a watercolour painting from a few years back.  Both these striking images are available now as canvases at the gallery, measuring 18″ x 24″, although we can always print them larger or smaller if required.

The images are created using Photoshop techniques and her artistic eye for detail and produce a wonderfully peaceful result.

We hope you enjoy them…

serene swan by serena pugh

‘Serene Swan’

watchful kingfisher by serena pugh

‘Watchful Kingfisher’

Here We Go Again…

Well… would you believe it?… the Flood Warnings are out from the Environment Agency and we’re in the firing line again!  However, this time, we have a secret weapon… New Flood Defences…

New flood defences

New Flood Defences?!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of anything that helps to stop the awful mess we had in our lovely garden here last time the River Avon came up, but ‘logs’… really!?  We’ve all got a terrible feeling that if the river comes up as much as last time, those little beauties are going to come straight through our back wall!

And bless little Tui, she’s doing her bit to build the next stage of the barrage in the garden!…

Tui and her log

I’ve done my bit!

Looks like Christmas Day could be everyone down to the galleries for flood watch… what fun!



or Cormorant if you prefer… a pair of them in fact.  I caught these chaps doing a spot of fishing just by the Riverside Inn and having considerably more success than the fellas that cart tonnes of gear up the tow path during the season!

I had seen them before up nearer the weir, but never this close to town.  I thought they were a salt water / sea bird, maybe someone can tell me what they are doing on the River Avon?…

Swans and Cormorants

Two Pairs

Pair of Cormorants

Are there any fish down there?…

Cormorant catching a fish

Yes there are!

Cormorant catching a fish

Down in one!