Photographic Restoration

serenarts gallery image restoration
Tsar Nicholas II

We were recently sent the photo on the left (above) and asked to restore, enhance and put it on to canvas for a client. As you can see from the ‘after’ image we were able to pull back the colour and repair many of the blemishes on the image. It has now been stretched on to box wood frame and is ready for collection. The original was an old poster which had seen better days and we now have a vibrant, fresh canvas print.

If you have any old photos that you would like to rejuvenating why not get in touch for a quote?

Photographic Restoration

Using the latest technology at our disposal, it is now possible to restore and reproduce old and damaged photographs, bringing them back to their former glory. Prices do vary according to how much damage the image has sustained, but do start from as little as £10 including a standard sized print.

We offer a comprehensive restoration and repair service which is backed by our professional printing service.

Athough it is preferable to send us the original image, you can scan your picture and email us the file to work on, if you are posting the photograph, please use the address on the left and we will send it back with your completed project.

For a free quotation or more information please contact us at any time.


  • photo retouching
  • photo enhancement
  • photo restoration
  • repair of blemishes and scratches etc
  • red eye removal
  • colour restoration
  • photo correction
  • special effects
  • mounting and framing
  • printing

Here is a recent job we did for a client.  It shows an example of what is possible with your old photographs…

photographic restoration by serenarts gallery