Misty Morning

What a beautiful morning!…

Misty morning on the River Avon at Bradford on Avon

Mist on the Avon

As part of my New Years fitness regime I have decided to have a morning walk along the Avon (at least until the river warms up a bit and I can get back in the canoe!).  This morning the sun was shining, the mist was just rising off the water and the river had dropped enough so that the colour of the water was less scummy!  Absolutely beautiful… we really are lucky to work in such a stunning area.

Why don’t you come and have a look for yourselves?!

Fingers Crossed

Well, we thought the last time the river came was bad, but this time we really could be in trouble…

River Avon Flood Level

Coming Up!

You can see our tide marks on the side of the road.  If it goes past 4 more of these marks, we’re in for it!  At the moment it just gives lovely photo opportunities… Serena captured the swans marking out their new territory this morning and there was a heron picking out the stranded fish by the beakful!  All good fun for now.

River Rising

A little bit of a worry yesterday as the levels of the river rose alarmingly quickly…

Get back down!

It never seems to bother the swans though!

Things were back down a bit this morning thank goodness. We had a bit of a restless night worrying, but the forecast is for dry weather over the next few days… we’ll believe that when we see it!

Bird Spotting

Well… following my unsuccessful run of photos of birds here’s another one…


New Visitor

I believe this to be a Nuthatch, but I’m willing to be corrected if anyone out there knows better.  The little fella was tucking in this morning, making the most of the food before the squirrel arrives I guess!  Although there may be some news on that front… we have a resident fox that comes down of an evening and this morning Terry noticed some grey fur in the usual deposit that he leaves in the garden… maybe, just maybe, he had a little squirrel snack last night!  Secretly, I hope not otherwise how would I spend my days?!

Birthday Off

Normally, when we get a Monday (our day off) that has nice weather, we usually come into the gallery…. not yesterday though…. weather was great and Serena had a birthday!

The morning was spent at the beautiful Stourhead Gardens, a National Trust house and gardens down near Mere off the A303.  Absolutely stunning place…

Stourhead Gardens, The National Trust property

Stourhead Gardens

(guess who used his sweep app again!)  It really doesn’t do this lovely place justice I’m afraid, but we would definitely recommend it anyone.

The afternoon was over to Bath for a boat trip on the Avon.  Made a change from canoeing up it myself!  Very interesting commentary and plenty to see.

Bit of a touristy day really, but Serena did manage to get lots of photos, so watch this space for some good pictures!

Rare Visitor

Just thought we would share these images of a woodpecker that visited our cheery trees outside the gallery the other day.  He bashed away for a good couple of minutes as he wasn’t going to be bothered by any customers!!  Sorry the quality of image isn’t up to our usual standard, but it was me that took them and not Serena as she was working at the home studio…

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker on our Cherry Tree