Festive Glass Art

Serena has just finished her first pieces of Christmas glass art lamps and lanterns…

We all have that special Christmas decoration that we remember from our childhood… mine was a small tree with coloured, flower shaped lights and very dodgy wiring (now retired from service on health and safety grounds!).  Why not nip down to the Tithebarn Workshops and get one that your kids will remember in the years to come.

New Glass Art

Due to the popularity of Serena’s glass art vases, she has been very busy in the studio creating a great new range for the gallery…

glass art by serena pugh

With very reasonable prices and unique new designs, this is an excellent opportunity to get a special Christmas gift for someone.  They work beautifully as a tealight holder or as part of your interior decor theme.  Commissions are available if you can’t find the exact colour combination you are looking for.

The new designs will be in the gallery from next week, so why not come on down and have a look!

Impressionist Cove

Serena has been hard at work trying to replace some of the lost stock and here is the latest addition to her glass art collection…

serena pugh glass art - impressionist cove

Impressionist Cove

This striking piece measuring 12″ x 12″, is painted in a freestyle, solvents and impressionist style.  There will be more coming over the next few days, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this lovely picture.


A customer of Alans (Stained Glass Studio) brought this stained glass window hanging in the other day and asked him if he could restore the colours.  It wasn’t worth much but she had had it for over 20 years and it did have a lot of sentimental value.  He couldn’t do anything, but he knew someone who could!… Serena.  After a couple of hours of working her magic the glass was back to its colourful best and we had one happy client….

Glass Art Repair

Glass Art Repair