Flash Floods

What on earth was that about…

Mike & Terry

Mike & Terry in the Tea Garden

Tea for Two

Tea for Two!

Serena capturing the action

Serena capturing the action


Team GB water clearance squad

I will be posting a video of a little of the action from yesterday very soon.

For the first time ever, the garden starting filling up like a bath tub as the torrential rain came down yesterday.  After 4 huge thunder storms and rain like I haven’t seen for many years in this country, we looked like we were going to be in big trouble.  Everything has to be moved up about 3 feet in the galleries and whatever flood defences we have are put up… then it’s fingers crossed and see what happens.  Luckily it made it only to about 6 inches below the door before the rains stopped and we all made huge efforts to get the levels back down by shovelling water down the overworked drains.  Disaster averted and our thoughts go out to everyone who wasn’t so lucky yesterday.

Whatever next in this amazing summer season?!…