Go Faster Stripes…

It was another first yesterday at SerenArts Gallery… carbon fibre decal for a mobility scooter!

As part of their service, TopSteer Mobility offer to add self adhesive, carbon fibre decals to the front and rear of their scooters, to protect against damage to the paintwork. They tasked us with tracing, scanning and cutting out sets of the decals to fit the areas that take most of the bumps…

It took a joint effort from Serena and her artistic eye and me at the computer, digitally creating the templates. Just another thing to add to our list of services at SerenArts!

If you are interested in discovering more about the range of scooters, powerchairs and stairlifts available at TopSteer Mobility you can contact them via their website or phone 07758 720059.

One thought on “Go Faster Stripes…

  1. Thank you Mike and Serena for all your support artistic talent and design skills.
    Two lovely people to work with.
    You have been a great asset to our company for nearly 10 years now.
    With grateful thanks
    From all at Topsteer Mobility

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