First World War 14-18 NOW Project

A four-year art project to honour the little-known role of artists in the First World War as part of a new £10million project.  Artists are to be honoured for their little-known role in the First World War as part of a new £10million project, which will tell the true story of the painters who camouflaged British warships.  The scheme, entitled 14-18 NOW, will see works of art, theatre and poetry commissioned across the country to “look afresh” at the events of the First World War and the impact still resonating today.

This story in the Guardian today links very well to a job we did for a client recently, who’s relative had created some touching and emotive watercolours while serving in the First World War.  We were asked to produce Fine Art Prints of the images for them to share with their family.  We would like to share these remarkable images with you…

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