Summer Art Boot Sale

Well, we were very worried by the title of the event we took part in this Sunday… with the weather as it’s been recently, it appeared to be tempting fate.  However, having been incredibly brave / niece and not taking any gazebo or waterproofing, we were blessed with the first / only day of summer this year!

Another great event, as usual.  It is a collection of local artists, potters, sculptors, photographers and other creative people, who set out their stalls in a car boot style and sell their wares.  Most people bring along an example of their current work and then a collection of seconds and older back catalogue work to sell at bargain prices.  The atmosphere is always really great and everyone seems to do well (including the punters!).

I’ve put a few photos of our layout below, including one featuring Sally who was on the stall next to me.  She makes beautiful porcelain hares, chickens, cows and the like… a very talented and lovely lady.

If you would like any further information about how to get a stall at the next art boot sale, or if you’d just like to visit, drop us a line.  They do a Winter one around Christmas time and the Summer one.

Frome Summer Art Boot Sale

First customer of the Day!

Frome Summer Art Boot Sale

Midge dealing with the pigeon problem!

Frome Summer Art Boot Sale

Can I help you?!…

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